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For the public

We define public involvement in research as research conducted ‘with’ or ‘by’ members of the public, rather than to them. This can include working with research funders, offering advice as a member of a steering group and contributing to research.

When we use the term ‘public’ we are including patients, potential patients, carers and people who use health and social care services. It also includes people from organisations that represent people who use services. Whilst we are all, former or potential users of health and social care services, there is a distinction between the perspectives of the public and the perspectives of people who have a professional role in health and social care services.

The Unit also works with VOICE, Newcastle University’s leading engagement platform. This ensures that patients and the public are at the centre of our research.

Our PPIE Strategy Group

Within the Unit we have a dedicated team of six external patient and public representatives, who form our PPIE strategy group. This group provides advice on the involvement of patients and the public at each stage of our research, including reviewing project protocols and evidence reviews. The Co-Leads attend our PRU full team meetings quarterly and all members are invited to take part in staff training and collaboration events. The Strategy Group meets on a monthly basis and between meetings they communicate regularly via email and use a dedicated Team via Microsoft to share documents.  For each of our PRU projects we have an allocated PPIE SG member who works closely with the project team to guide the inclusion of PPIE throughout the research cycle. The group also helps to advise and guide us on our  PPIE strategy.  The Strategy Group also has representation on our Scientific Advisory Board.

Click here to meet our Strategy Group members.

In addition to our dedicated PPIE Strategy Group we also involve members of the public in our research projects using other PPIE networks  working in specific topic areas, we use post opportunities on the VOICE platform and we advertise via social media.

How our PPIE Strategy Group was formed and how they work

Our PPIE Strategy Group members created an animation to explain how the group was formed, how they work and have remained committed to working with our NIHR Policy Research Unit in Behavioural and Social Sciences throughout our initial five year contract and into the next five years.  The animation is narrated by one of our PPIE SG members Stu Edwards. See link below

PPIE Strategy Group members’ stories

The animation is part of a series of films that includes individual stories about our members describing why they became part of the NIHR PPIE community.  View the full playlist including the animation and individual stories below:

Payment for PPIE activity

We reimburse all PPIE activity in line with NIHR guidance and in accordance with our institutional Travel and Expenses policies.

The PPIE payment policy can be found here.